Gill Consulting LLC understands that all businesses need to generate a profit. Profits are sustained when employees are trained, empowered and managed to excel in performing those critical processes that the business conducts when selling its products and services.

Our business values are designed to ensure we never lose our commitment to maximize our clients' profit potential.

We believe:

  • Every client should be treated as if they were our only client and should receive our full attention, energies, and commitment to excellence.

  • We will only accept engagements that we know we can competently complete to our clients' satisfaction.

  • All work will be accomplished to address definable objectives, needs and results.

  • All professional fees will be based on an honest assessment of the actual time and resources required.

  • Personnel Policy Manual development for an insurance company
  • Executive Director hiring for a non-profit
  • Business plan for a medical practice  
  • Evaluation of strategic value of a business acquisition for a wood products manufacturer
  • Executive Mentoring & Assimilation for a petroleum company
  • "Sexual Harassment" training for a government agency
  • "Problem Solving" training for a non-profit
  • "Vendor Negotiations" training
  • "Continuous Quality Improvement"  training for a senior care agency
  • H.R. Executive recruitment for a healthcare business
  • Program evaluation for a three county family literacy program
  • Personnel Law Training for Medical   professionals

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