Evaluations are almost exclusively found in conjunction with non-profit and not-for-profit agencies. Evaluations are mandated by many agencies that financially support a program and wish to ensure the funds are being used for the desired purpose. Assurance of an independent, professional, and outside evaluation determines a program's essential processes, procedures, resources and outcomes are aligned with the agency's mission or ministry. 


With increasing frequency, evaluations are sought by enlightened program directors who seek a business focus for their program. In recent years the level and intensity of competition for government grants and charitable gifts, expanding non-profit agency pools, reduced federal and state spending, and  diminished investment yields for charitable trusts, have all negatively impacted the availability of funds.  A professional outside evaluation may be just what is needed to make that agency the best competitor in their field. 


Custom designed and managed surveys may be used by a variety of organizations sensitive to their customers' needs and requirements.  If you aren't listening to your customer, it might not be long before your competitors will be.  Customer satisfaction surveys are an ideal method to stay in tune with your customers.  


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